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Things that would be nice to have, roughly sorted by priority:

  • Lots of small bug fixes that I wish I had done before the release but I ran out of steam.
  • zIndex support.
  • Proper focus system for inputs and buttons.
  • SDF border radius clipping. Currently it’s just rectangle, which means that elements can overflow in the corners.
  • Better line height and text support. Currently it works, mostly, but is far from perfect and even making a simple button might require manual vertical padding adjustment to make it look good.
  • Ability to style scrollbars.
  • Font ligatures support.
  • More styling options: outline, boxShadow, background gradients.
  • Image rendering.
  • Non-SDF font rendering that supports regular font atlases from rasterized fonts.
  • Rendering vector shapes. Maybe a mini SVG <path> renderer?
  • Position fixed and sticky.
  • Animations.
  • Custom shaders for views.
  • Better OTF file support. Currently the library is only able to parse fonts that follow classic TTF-style declaration of glyphs and their sizes.

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